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The IDEA Documents site features two Projects: the IDEA Documents Platform, a powerful engine for accessing electronic images of Isabella d’Este’s correspondence; and IDEA’s Transcriptions Project.

Accessing the IDEA Documents Platform, users may find thousands of Isabella d’Este’s letters presented in high-resolution, tiled TIFF images. IDEA’s platform for viewing Isabella d’Este’s correspondence is a customized version of the Building Interactive Archives (BIA) Platform developed by the Medici Archive Project (MAP). The Documents Platform Project’s scholars and technicians work to optimize the user experience for researchers who access Isabella d’Este’s letters in IDEA. This team aims to anticipate and address user needs and to facilitate communication within the IDEA environment.

The Transcriptions Project is dedicated to supplying accurate transcriptions of letters viewable on the Platform. This group also adds other metadata, including name, place, and topic tagging; and synopses of letters to make these documents searchable. The Transcriptions Project does not include translations of Isabella’s letters and thus requires proficiency in Italian.

General users will want to consult the Research Guides, including the User Guide, for information about how to search and navigate within IDEA.

The Forum is designed to serve as a discussion center for users of all projects in the IDEA Environment. No matter which project site you are visiting, you will find a prominent link to the Forum. You may also use the Forum as a way of communicating with IDEA personnel, should you have questions about or problems working with our sites.